Projects and Ideas


2 Tier Button Necklace

What You Need:

  • 30-40 mixed buttons.  I like smaller (up to 20mm ones, but bigger ones work just as well.)
  • 2m of 1mm or 0.5mm waxed cotton cord.  (This is much longer than you will need, but trust me, it's just easier having more than less.)
  • 1 lobster clasp
  • 1 calotte (crimpy thing)
  • 1 split ring (any size will do)


Here's How To:

Thread your lobster clasp onto your cord, approximately 3/5 of the way, and tie a knot (as shown.) The different lengths of the cord will help with your two tiers.

Start threading your buttons onto your cord.  Always thread from the back to the front.  For 4 hole buttons (fig.1) thread diagonally, and for shank buttons (fig.2) tie on with a knot at the back.  

Space the buttons a few centimetres apart.  The thickness of the cord should hold them in place.  If your cord starts to fray and it gets hard to thread, whatever you do, don't suck it!  Trim it off with a pair of sharp scissors - that should do it.


Hold the necklace up to yourself several times to check length.  This is a personal thing - some people love it longer, some people shorter.  I guess  I'm a short-to-mid kinda girl myself.  When you're ready with the length, tie both the ends together.  Pull the knot as tight as you can to make it as small as you can.  Make sure you are ready to knot, 'cause unpicking this will be a pain!  Because of your different lengths of cord when you started, when you hold it up to yourself, you should now have two tiers!

Get out your calotte (I had to look up what this was called, before this I knew it as 'one of those crimpy things'), and lay the knot across it.  Close the calotte, trapping the knot.  Before you do this you may want to fix the knot with a dab of glue or clear nail varnish.  I sometimes bother, sometimes I don't!  Trim the loose ends.  Excuse the fluffy ends on my pic, I didn't have my nice sharp embroidery snips with me.  Fold down the loop, trapping your split ring in it.  

Check you like the placement of the buttons.  If you don't, just move them about a bit until you're happy.  And that's it.  Make again in as many different colours as you have in your wardrobe!

Button Christmas Tree Tree  Decoration

This project is thanks to Hazel from SewnUpStuckDown - the cutest button christmas tree!  Even better, it's super simple too!


What you need:

  • 10-12 green buttons, all in different sizes from teeny to huge.
  • 3 small red buttons
  • 1 sparkly or gold button or bead - preferably star shaped
  • Strong thread for threading and hanging.

Here's How To:

 Layer all your buttons in ascending size order, with the red buttons at the bottom and the gold at the top.

 Then starting from the bottom, thread up through all the buttons, and leaving a large hanging loop at the top, thread back down.  Tie a knot above the bead big enough for it not to slip past, and tie the ends together at the bottom.  Trim the ends.

Once you've had a go at this, why not get really creative like Hazel did, and make a Santa:

I totally think it's possible to make a penguin using this method, so if anyone succeeds please send me a pic!

Button Mini Wreath Decoration

Inspired by Hazel's cleverness I decided to make a mini button wreath - so here it is!

What you need:

  • Approx 50 green buttons, 1cm - 1.5cm diameter.  I used the green from Wuthering Heights for this.
  • 1/2m red christmassy ribbon
  • 1/2m thin wire, strong enough to hold it's shape, weak enough to be bent at will!

Here's How To:

Fold your wire in half and start threading your buttons onto the two ended part - one end through each hole. Thread all your buttons on, and then tie the two ends together tightly.  Trim the ends of the wire.

Next, take your ribbon and create a loop at one end by folding it in half and tying a knot halfway down.  With the unlooped end, tie onto your wreath, covering the wire knot.  Tie into a bow and adjust until pretty!


If you have any projects you would like to submit for this page, please feel free to tell us about it!