Upcoming Show Dates

 We are currently not doing shows. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!

2018  started sadly as Sheila decided that 2017 had been very tiring and she saw no reason to want to get to 92 and left us peacefully, in her sleep.   We celebrated her life building sandcastles on the beach one freezing February day.  She would have loved it !

2019 was a lovely year - we celebrated Jack starting school and Clara doing a few hours at nursery whilst Hannah got bigger and bigger until the safe arrival of Max  - a bundle of smiles

2020 has necessitated a slow start as Fiona had a stroke in January.   She is doing well - talking, walking although her sight is affected.  The doctors say she can make a full recovery so we are all praying this happens quickly

and then there was COVID ....... the word says it all!